I am very pleased to announce that I have finally seen my very first Bollywood movie at a movie theatre in India! It may have taken me a month (wait, I've been here a month?!) but it was well worth the wait. Some of the local staff I work with invited me to see the newest movie Ready the night it came out. It was an experience like no other. I asked the boys what to expect and they warned me that there would be a lot of yelling and screaming and basically that a movie in India is an interactive experience. They were not kidding. From the first note of the opening music to the ending credits, the audience was INTO IT. There was whistling, yelling, singing, and dancing in the aisles. It was so fun. The whole movie was in Hindi with the exception of a few English phrases here and there but I managed to keep up and enjoyed every minute. I think I had a permanent smile on my face the whole movie. 

Here's the video for my favorite song from the movie... I have been running around doing this dance all weekend

This weekend (today, actually) is my flatmate/co-worker's birthday. We threw her a surprise birthday party, complete with a horrible tuk tuk ride and cake on the face. She is such a sport. But really, Rosie and I told her that we were meeting a few people for dinner, but we couldn't find the place so we had he tuk tuk driver take is to the guest house where two other people were waiting for us. The driver had no clue where to go and plus he was having some mechanical difficulties. We couldn't accelerate and never hit speeds of over 10mph. The three of us were hot and sweaty by the time we arrived at the guesthouse to "pick up 2 more people." When we walked in, blam! There were all of Susie's closest friends in India! It went well I think! We ate a yummy dinner and when it came time for cake, I turned around for 30 seconds and next thing I know Susie has cake all over her face. I still don't know how it happened because everyone was very quiet about shoving her face in the cake. Poor, poor birthday girl. I had to end the night early because I have my first upset stomach but from what I hear, the rest of the night was a classic birthday evening.

This morning we woke up and made some breakfast then headed out for coffee at the local coffee place. Unfortunately  none of our orders were correct or if they were what we ordered they tasted horrible. That's not the usual experience there so I don't know what was going on! It was approximately 145degrees out so next on the list was swimming!! There is a swimming pool on the roof of a local community YMCA type place so we loaded on the scooter and made our way over there. The pool was completely empty and we were originally told we weren't allowed to swim at that time but some how we weaseled our way in anyways. It was just a quick dip but it felt so good. We headed home, ate lunch and then I napped and now I'm watching the first Harry Potter. Please don't judge me. I am making Channa Masala for dinner tonight and I hope it comes out well. Time to walk down the road to buy some rice and a few other things for dinner! 

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  1. The movie looks so colorful and modern! The ones I have seen are not like that at all. And the Ponder for a while sign is fabulous! Love reading about your adventures!!