Simplifying life

About a month ago I got that itch to all together delete any 'social networking' site I was a part of. I knew myself and decided to take it slow and not making any rash decisions. This may sound trivial or un-important but I just had this feeling that I needed to simplify things. I have, for a long time, been spending far too much time doing NOTHING on these websites and it frustrates me! I would open and close and open my laptop again in order to check my facebook, twitter, tumblr, any and everything every five minutes. Not having a smart phone and then losing my ipod touch took the handheld access to these sites away and it was really freeing. I wanted to give up more than that though, I wanted to wave goodbye to my facebook account! I didn't do it though, instead I went through and deleted over 100 people whom I hadn't interacted with in ages. I started there and then today I went through and deleted every single person I'm not related to or don't work with at the moment. I left literally handful of my best friends and plan on deleting all co-workers soon. I am not worrying about offending people or hurting anyones feelings, I am just done with updating my life every 3 seconds and I also don't want to lurk people's lives. I am now using facebook as a means to update my extended family on my where-abouts as opposed to 'being friends' with every person whom I've ever interacted with. I am not totally removing my profile so I can have central access to all of my family but I could definitely see it getting the nix in the near future. I also deleted my twitter because, honestly, it was just becoming a mindless way to pass the time.

Also, I felt a lot of pressure to constantly be sharing what I am doing here via facebook. I have been making an effort to focus on the work I am doing versus sharing the work I am doing. Living life versus living a life to share. You know it's bad when you take a picture with a post-surgical baby and think "oh that should be my profile pic." We've all had moments like this and I had this realization that I just want to be done with those thoughts. I am very guilty of wanting to let everyone know what I am doing, I feel like I need to be more humble and just live this life. I plan on continuing to write the stories of my journey and the things I want to remember forever and some of those will be shared on my other blog. I am just trying to remove that instant sharing aspect of my life. I know myself and I know I can't do this without (eventually) deleting facebook all together.

I guess this is all just to say that I am well on my to becoming a hermit? This every day obsession with knowing what every single person is up to became too much for me. How do you feel about this? What do you use facebook for? Would you ever delete yours? I want to live with less distraction and as a person who has been a part of social networking since it began (madradhair, lipstick party, friendster, notpop anyone?) it will be a challenge but I am so ready to let go!


  1. What you are thinking is very reasonable. I too wanted to simplify, but I settled for the deleting of 'friends' who just were not in my present life any more. It felt good and safe to put up personal pictures and talk freely.

    For now, I would not delete my facebook because having such a large family living in so many different countries and counties, it helps alot.

    Twitter for me is great to keep in touch with events but as you said, checking it all the time is far too much hassle.

    Do you feel more spacious?

  2. I used to be obsessed with Twitter & Facebook then I gave them up for lent this year & d'ya know what? I didn't miss it anywhere near as much as I thought I would! Now I hardly ever tweet or update my status, I just use them for keeping in touch with people. I don't see a need to post photos all the time when before I couldn't wait to rush home to tell everyone everything, now I prefer to do it face to face & it feels great! I just wish everyone felt the same way!

  3. I go back and forth with facebook. I live long distance from a lot of family and friends, so it serves a purpose there. But, do I need to be "friends" with people I went to high school and college with? I'm not so sure...

    At the same time that I want to retreat into a cocoon, I am surprised when I get a comment from someone unexpected and we are actually alike. Maybe I'm just being a potential-friend hoarder! haha!

    I think a good friend flush is in order, but I'm avoiding it...they always seem to creep back! :)