A weekend in the wettest place on earth...

... This weekend I adventured down to the village town Cherrapunjee in the state Meghalaya. It has the most rainfall of any where else on earth and is in monsoon season year round. You know what this equals? GREEN!! It was beautiful beyond words. I will be coming back later with a little post about the journey itself. I had a really scary experience on Friday that involved my taxi driver drinking beer while driving me down hair pin turns... I don't even want to think about that right now! I just want to reflect on the beauty that was the hiking I did!!

Yes, I brought a cucumber with me.

Hand made map #1

11 people in the sumo


Meghalaya children

Meghalaya hills

So many beautiful waterfalls

That valley right there is Bangladesh!

Starting my planned hike to Nangriat village (P.S. The waterfall in this picture is the same one as prior)

Thousands of concrete steps

Then... I got caught in Monsoon floods and had to turn around...

Handmade map #2 or what was left of my map after I got monsooned on.

Fuzzy caterpillar #1

A different hike, a different day. Now on thousands of stone steps

Handmade map #3. Complete with directions like "Count 4 houses, including the dilapidated incomplete ones"

I may have slipped right after taking this. Damn mossy stones.

Half way down!

Living root bridge in Ummonoi

Dripping sweat.

Don't let this picture trick you. This is going UP, not down. That is how steep it is! 

Hello little crab

More steepness. Best cardiovascular workout I've had in awhile!

Moth the size of my hand

Caterpillar #2

Golden body bug

Tiny village of Laitkynsew, Meghalaya, India


  1. Wow, it looks beautiful! And you look very happy. I am quite jealous!

  2. Those are some seriously beautiful pictures. Awesome!

  3. kwisten!!!!! please tell me you took video with that HD video of yours!! that looks amazing ! glad you didnt get all james franco in 127 hours! video chat soon miss you love you <3

  4. wow! so beautiful! for some reason, and i don't know why, i never think of india being as green and mountainous as that. I always expect it to be bustling towns and cities and forget places like this exist there!

    you are going to have some of the best memories ever! x

  5. looks like an awesome adventure! i'm jealous! :)

    brella brella