When you move to G-town to work at a hospital

There are some things you have to just get used to:

-Small flying/jumping bugs that will swarm at night then die by morning, making your unit a mass grave site
-Cats, rats, dogs, maybe even a goat hanging out in the halls or on the beds
-Children "taking care of business" (know what I'm sayin?) on the sidewalk outside the entrance to the hospital. I found that quite charming, I think I have a problem.
-Cockroaches scurrying all over your freshly sliced mango
-Ridiculously cute children!!!!!

-The gecko living in your kitchen. I think he's in-cahoots with the cockroach that keeps trying to ruin my food.
-Constant sweat dripping down your body. If you're not sweating then you're sticky and your scrubs will plaster themselves to your legs.
-Being incredibly thankful for rain
-Not having running water during the night at the hospital
-Mosquitos biting through your clothes
-Getting the right side of your nose pierced is the wrong side. But they'll shove a wire through it anyhow. Oh and it will cost you only 50cents.

-Riots outside the hospital gates. Leading to a complete shut down of the city. 
-Whole families living under the hospital ramp. 
-Having fresh fruit and vegetables just around the corner.
-Most importantly. When you move to Guwahati to work at a hospital, expect to gain five pounds because I sure did! Yeeehaw!

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  1. You tell those cockroaches to get off your mango, damnit!