The best laid plans

July has been a rough month on the health front for me and as much as I try to keep this little blog on the up and up sometimes that isn't the reality. We had a mission these last 7 days and I was excited to document it and get situated at the bedside caring for patients. Unfortunately the only place I found myself at was my own bed and bathroom. The first week of July I came down with a GI bug and was out for the count for about a week and spent the following week trying to find my appetite. Then the mission came, the bug had already been circulating around the local nurses then it hit some people in the mission team. Then it came back full circle to me again this week. It was even worse this time but luckily we were able to catch it earlier and so I've spent less time dehydrated. I am on heavy anti-amoebic drugs and things are looking like they're under control. Still, I feel weak. I know I look worse for wear and am feeling emotionally fragile (as if I wasn't already, right?)

To put it in perspective: Anyone who even kind of knows me knows I love to dance. I mean, I'm no professional but my moves have been known to stop time. I've danced buttons off my shorts and broken a watch while doing the robot to a beat . I've been kicked out of buildings for setting fire to the floor, my moves are so hot. I. Love. Dancing. Tonight is the final party for the mission which usually involves loud music and westerners dressed up in Indian gear. Most importantly, it involves me testing out my newest Bollywood moves for hours on end. I got all geared up and went down to the car only to find myself back in my room curled up in the fetal position five minutes later.

See there I go again, try to pep up a "woe-is-me" post. The truth is I am feeling so run down physically and not at like myself. I tried calling my sister and one of my closest friends because I wanted some distraction and to try and rid myself of the blues but alas, the internet connection is too slow for anyone to be able to hear me. Okay, but that's enough. I guess the real point is that 95% of living here and away from everyone I love is awesome and worthwhile. Then there's the three weeks where walking 10 feet feels more like running 10 miles and doing the robot requires both physical and mental preparation. (And then there's the 20 consecutive people who point out how bad you're looking, with the best of intentions. You have to have a tough shell to live here because honesty is the policy apparently.)

Now I'm going to awkwardly insert photos because I don't know how to end a really honest post unless it's really positive:
A gathering around the all-powerful board

PACU in full swing

The kids love the toys (Robin!)

 In other news: My ipod decided to resurface after a 2 month hiatus in my left rain boot

Thank you Allison for my sweet letter and homey towel

These pants are made for little boys. Yes, I'm the crazy American who doesn't conform to traditional gender specific clothing

When you have to wear sun glasses on gloomy days to keep the dirt out of your eyeballs

Around the block
1. Barber walla   2. Mail post
3. Mobile pastry walla   4. Laundry walla

 All gussied up with no where to go


  1. i hope you feel better soon, and get back to your normal, move-bustin' self!

    That top/dress in the bottom photo is beautiful :D x

  2. awww kristen i miss you so much ! i hope that you are feeling better. call me soon . i will be home all week ! lets ichat soon <3 love you

  3. Whoa, sweet boy pants.

    Hope that bug doesn't come back AGAIN. :( Feel awesome sooN!