Get your fix

Around these parts betel leaf/paan and betel nut are really popular choices of stimulants. I am guessing they kind of have a stimulant factor like cigarettes and betel seems to be really cheap because SO many people from even the poorest areas have teeth stained red from chewing. Every country seems to have their vices and paan is one here in India. You also do find cigarettes and smokers too but not to the extent that you would in other countries. Imagine my surprise when I was at the bread bakery (by the way, they were out of bread that day and I yelled "Where's the bread?!?!" on my way out, something only my flatmates would appreciate) and I saw this:

Liquid nicotine. With caffeine. It reminds me of that questionable drinking trend "Four loco" from the states minus the alcohol. Essentially, it is my worst nightmare in a can.

I have had the craziest week!! On Friday we started screening for our July mission and the mission team arrived. I woke up Saturday morning and it was pouring rain. I went to put on my rain boots for the first time in 2 months and felt something in my left boot. I pulled it back off, turned it over and out slid my missing ipod touch! What the what?!?! I lost that thing during a late night on the May mission. I assumed it was long gone and being enjoyed by someone else. I never got upset when I lost it, as it was my fault and not an essential item. How could I freak out over losing an ipod when there are whole families living under the ramp of the hospital? Anyways, one of my roomies said that it was my good karma from my positive attitude when I lost it that kept it safe in my boot all this time! So it's back!

Friday night I went to a metal show! Heavy metal is really popular in India. I went to the show because our child life specialist's boyfriend is a musician. One of his musical ventures is a metal band which he is the vocalist for. I was so excited to go see them play! I felt right at home at the show, it reminded me of small shows at chain reaction and what not. The music was very Isis/Opeth like. I was beyond happy. I even ran into a guy wearing an AILD shirt! To put AILD in perspective: their first cd came out 10 years ago almost exactly. The first time I saw them was at a church in San Diego 10 years ago with about 30 people there. They were playing with Point of Recognition and Noise Ratchet and it still was one of my favorite shows ever. They've since been on huge tours (Ozzfest, Warped tour, Lamb of God, Children of Bodom, etc) and been nominated for a grammy. Now you can find people in off the maps places in India who listen to their music. Blows my mind.

My stomach illness is also back. I seem to have passed it to many of our local nurses, then to my roommates then to the mission team and now back to me. It doesn't seem as bad as two weeks ago, but I am so not happy! I thought I paid my dues but I guess not. I went to work yesterday morning and got sent home because I am infective :(

That didn't stop me from seeing the last Harry Potter last night with 15 others!! I have been obsessively watching the old movies to prep for the release of Deathly Hallows part 2 and last night a large group of us went to watch it. I had no idea I was surrounded by that many fans. The movie flew by and I felt myself tearing up a bit at the end. On a sidenote: why can't a buy the books for my kindle reader on my mac? Apparently Rowlings doesn't support electronic book readers?

I've gotten my fix of metal and nerd-dom this week, what about you?


  1. oh heck yeah!!!!! you found your ipod touch !!! we'z goin to be facetimin up in hurr real soon !

  2. I'm so so happy you found your ipod!
    And no, the Harry Potter books aren't e-books yet, BUT I think I heard when they launch PotterMore.com they will become e-books on the website.. which I assume means everywhere else too. I hope for your sake!

  3. Wow that drink looks SCARY!
    I am just catching up on your blog right now, and all your adventures! :)
    You are looking wonderful...yay for metal shows in India!