Memory Monday v8.0

One small fact that you may or may not know about me is that I am a huge N-E-R-D. When I was in second grade I finished my years worth of book reports in the first month, if not quicker. I both loved reading getting stuff done. I think that was the point in my academic career that my parents knew they wouldn't have to worry about me (in school anyhow, Lord knows I've given them a run for their money in a variety of other ways.)  I always read the books we were assigned through out school and have never cracked open a Cliff Note in my life. This brings me to one of my favorite summer memories:

The summer reading club at the local library. I'm sure libraries all over did these but I am certain that the one in my hometown had to have been the best. I remember looking forward to the start of the summer reading club every summer for many years. My mom, sisters and I would pile into the car and head down to update our reading logs every week. The walk across the sizzling hot parking lot made the cold blast of the air conditioned library that much more sweet. The smell of books would waft out and immediately make me anticipate what finds I would make that week. I deposited my most recent reads into the collection bin and remember seeing the workers' hands through the slits organizing my returns. We'd walk in just a bit further before the family split and headed to their respective sections. I'd excitedly go to the reading club set-up and have my log verified. Some summers you got to put stickies all over the pane glass windows as you progressed. I remember the program had goals you had to advance through and they changed as you grew older. I am sure that there was some sort of prize at the end of it all but clearly none of that mattered as I couldn't tell you one single prize I ever received at the end of the summer. Spending hours in the library sitting in aisle after aisle, deciding what I would choose was my week's most agonizing decision. Oh how I despised the borrowing limits!

Somehow all of us girls always found each other and shared what we picked. Standing in the line to checkout was agonizing, I just wanted to be curled in my bedroom reading already. My library card was one of my most prized possessions and I was so proud the summer that I was old enough to borrow with my own library card instead of under one of my parents'. I'd gaze around at the stacks other people in line held, the library seemed to have something for everyone. We'd all check out and pile back into the car. I'd spend the ride home looking through my picks, deciding which I'd read first. By the time I got home I was ready to curl up and spend the afternoon in the pages of a book.

The week would fly by and I would inevitably finish my books before it was time to return, just making the anticipation of my favorite summertime tradition that much greater! 

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  1. What a lovely post! It brought back memories of my trips to our local library in the summer hols too, I'd forgotten all about that so thanks for bringing it back to the front of my mind! :) x