Sage wisdom

Back in February before I came to India for the first time, my best friend Nathalie offered me some sage wisdom:

"It isn't a trip to India unless you s*!t your pants at least once."

 I know that may be a little hard to digest for some of you readers, but it isn't a friendship worth having if you can't be as upfront and honest (and caring) as that. I mean, others I know offered me advice too but Nathalie's choice wisdom haunted me like a bad dream. Somehow I escaped this fate in February. However, this past week I have come to find that this is the most well-founded advice that I received prior to moving here. I got it folks, and I got it bad.

Possible culprits:
-The bottled water jug we drink out of in the apartment. It has been tasting like a combo of tree bark and shoe insoles for weeks now.
-The food I was guilted into eating at the Hare Krishna festival last Sunday. It may not have been the first time that I was served dal and rice out of a 20 gallon bucket, but it might have been the last.
-The cockroach I can't bring myself to kill that hangs out in the kitchen. Now, this may be completely unfounded but that little guy is up to no good all night. I just know it.
-The mass fresh fruits and vegetables I eat on the daily. I refuse to believe that this is the reason because it's all so good.

It all started Monday morning and progressively got worse through the week until I was so dehydrated that  the doctors I work with insisted I get an IV with IV antibiotics. I got all set up in my room and had the IV hanging from my curtain rod. It turned out to be a little problematic with all the trips to the toilet I had to do but I managed. Anyways, I got a day of fluids and IV antibiotics and was feeling better yesterday after being rehydrated. I still wasn't able to eat though. In five days I've eaten 10 slices of bread, a bowl of rice, two bowls of oats and one bit of popcorn. I got yelled at for eating the popcorn, as if I wasn't punished enough by my gut! This evening I've been able to eat a few bananas too so that's progress.

Realizing I'm getting sick:

At home pharmacy:

Looking and feeling like a million bucks

I lost the five pounds I was so proud I gained, I am really bummed about that and I'll probably keep losing because I still can't eat normally. Today I felt the worst physically, I was weak and shaky but I've been eating toast and bananas and green tea so right now I feel pretty much 100%.

I also got upset with the man who came to fix the internet today. He was here for almost four hours and I'm not sure what he was doing because every time I walked by he was on the same screen on my computer. He ended up fixing it and then asked me for a relatively large amount of money. I asked what exactly I was paying for as he had installed the internet last week, it worked for one day then stopped then the company took a week to come out and take a look at it. I got way more upset than I should have and paid him and asked him to go. He left and I felt this crushing guilt. I may have very well been the only American he ever has/ever will meet and I just got upset over internet and money? Then I looked at the flat I live in, the air conditioning I was sitting in, and felt like the worst person. I started crying and knew I shouldn't have treated him that way, even though by most people's standards I didn't even get angry. I ended up calling him and apologizing and thanking him for fixing the problem. I know that the whole situation was inflamed by being sick and hungry and tired but man, it was just another experience that is putting my life into perspective. Then, a few hours later one of the girls came home and I was still shaky and feeling weak and I told her about what happened and started crying again out of shame. I am out of control!!

So all this to say, thank you Nathalie for mentally preparing me for the situations I have faced this week. I may have had a mental breakdown otherwise.


  1. Glad you're feeling better! I hope you gain those lbs back soon, skinny lady! If you need any American, fatty, non-perishable food, you just let me know. ;)

  2. hahahahhaahah no problem ! i am a pretty wise individual, some even say i remind them of a young yoda! so glad that you are feeling better and that i got to talk to you for a bit ! love you gurlfran!

    p.s if this happens again . (which it probably will) one word: depends. just think about it . ;)

  3. i will admit, i probably would have got mad at the man too. I always worry, as a girl, that men will take advantage of me in those kind of situations and overcharge me. Like "she's a girl, she won't understand....."

    Awfully judgemental of men, but so many of them try that trick!

    i hope you feel 100% soon! x

  4. Glad you're starting to feel better - hopefully gaining that weight back is more fun than work! And as for the internet - I had a similar experience with a taxi driver, but this was in Baltimore, not India. I usually get pushed around by taxi drivers, and this time I wasn't about to let some guy fleece me, and I stood my ground when I thought he was trying to stick me with an extra fee. I got inside and started crying and shaking I felt so bad, because I realized for once this guy actually wasn't trying to take advantage of the unsuspecting young woman. Poor guy, another ugly American encounter. Wish I could have called him to apologize...

  5. Hey, I'd be pretty cranky too if I couldn't eat!