Some things I've been roped into recently

Okay so I wouldn't consider this getting "roped into" something but I did recently wear a sari for the first time and I really liked it:

This weekend has been an interesting one to say the least. Friday evening I sat in a hot, dark room full of Indian doctors as they conducted a medical association meeting. The power may have been out but that didn't stop them from forming committees and electing members and arguing a bit. I was told it was going to be a Doctor's Day celebration/dinner but I was sitting there at 930pm in the darkness with no food or celebration in sight wondering how I ended up in this situation. I call this an "Indian moment." Something unique to my time living here. 

Sunday was so awesome. I was invited by one of the other international nurses to a Hare Krishna festival that was going on that day. I am really taking every opportunity I can to learn more about Eastern religion while I'm here so I jumped on the invite. We went to the temple where I almost immediately offended one of the babas. They offered me some holy water and I put out both hands which is a no-no. Right hand only, Kristin! Get it together! Then I accidently spilled some drops. I'm a mess. Luckily, they still let me attend the festival. We headed out to a field where there about 6 speakers followed by a big old 10km procession. There was a whole lot of this:
Then there was the on camera interview myself and my co-worker were asked to do. I kind of figured no one would ever see it but it turned out otherwise. Five people in the office have said they saw me on the news. One girl stated she saw it playing on four channels. So there we go friends, my fifteen minutes of fame mainly involved me rambling on about being thankful for being allowed to participate in the festival.

We were given a bag of books... to sell... 


  1. wow, you look so pretty!! I've always wanted a sari :) x

  2. wow! you look wonderful in a saree! :)

    being an indian, ive worn saree just twice in my life :D

  3. How fricken pretty is that sari? Cool!