What I've been up to

I fully realize there has been a complete lack of life updates, sorry friends and family! It has been very busy around these parts and lots of power outages! The power outages tend to happen at the times of day when I'm most up to blogging, but unable to! I think the monsoon is well on its way. It has been raining everyday, and raining buckets when it does. It is crazy how much rain cools down the place!

I have been doing tons of education with the local staff. I love it! I have been focusing on advanced life support scenarios to prepare them for our upcoming PALS/ACLS classes. Some have even already put some of this knowledge to use, i.e. the patient was bradycardic so the applied oxygen as they supported the ABC's and attached a monitor! That is exactly what the pediatric bradycardia with a pulse algorithm recommends. Next they assessed whether it was stable on unstable bradycardia. I was so proud of them for putting this knowledge to use.

This week we're doing a pretty intense review of ECG/EKGs which is usually the weak point in the classes/certification process. Their enthusiasm and interest in learning is much appreciated on my part. They thank me every time we're done with a session.

I guess that brings me to the fact that my big project I'm undertaking while here is establishing this cleft care center as a PALS/ACLS/BLS training center as well. I will be getting certified to be an instructor the first week of August and soon be teaching the local staff. This is a huge deal, as BLS and advanced life support are not taught here. I hope I have enough time to really get this going!

Additionally I have been doing lots of other education and standardizing our discharge teaching. I'm working on getting the center prepped for the upcoming mission, creating a hepatitis B vaccine protocol for our staff, and developing lots of other teaching sessions beyond ACLS/BLS/PALS.

It's been crazy! By the way I have been here for 2 months, what the heck! Where is the time going?!?!?

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