Hangout sesh in Varanasi Junction

So I am sitting here at the Varanasi train station just waiting hours for my chariot aka The Kumbha Express to arrive. I really like this station because there's a ladies waiting room so it feels much safer to be sitting here from 11pm until 2am. It really is just me and about 20 Indian ladies lounging about. The rats  are scurrying around the perimeters of the room and because I've become numb to so many previous fears, the sight of a rat on the ground doesn't even cause me to pick up my feet.

Speaking of feet. I was told it  is very rude here to touch someone with your feet. This fact came to forefronts of my mind because as I type, the woman laying to my right is, what can only be described as, exploring my thigh with her feet. I fear that this is my fault. I did sit down in the open spot between two women laying down. I can't figure out what her intentions are. Is she wondering how my leg feels but doesn't want to ask permission to touch me? Is she trying to annoy or offend me so I get up and move? Will she sit up in a few minutes and request a payment for her delicate though unsolicited massage of the outer aspect of my right thigh? How much should that even cost? I'm not sure I'd even know what to bargain down to.
Just to test the waters, I crossed my right leg over my left effectively lifting my thigh out of her toes' reach. She continued to wiggle her feet for almost three minutes before finding her way down to my cleverly relocated leg. You just can't slip anything past these ladies. Evidence of her wandering appendages:

Yes that's right, I went there. Do you see those toes just "casually" searching? I can't wrap my mind around it. All I know is that I have two more hours of sitting here so curious Nellie better settle down real soon before she chaffs my delicate skin.

Also, there's a gentleman in the ladies room. That's totes against the rules. Apparently he's above the law because hes wearing a uniform and has a walkie talkie the size of a boom box attached to his belt.

Update: Twenty minutes later and she's still at it. She did just wiggle her legs right off the ledge by accident so at least a little justice has been served.

Update: it's 350 and I've only just gotten on my train. My spirit feels violated kind of like my right thigh.


  1. hahahahahahahah this was hilarioussss! made my night ! miss you boo <3

  2. I'm sorry but I had to giggle at this! Hope you can too, once you've had some sleep!

  3. What the heck! p.s. I'm totally going through like every post on this blog, get ready for lots of comments.