A round up of all things mushy

Which could also be entitled "Nur Comes for a Visit."

I don't what is was about this week but we have had exceptionally cute patients back to back! They have been extra sweet, so tolerant of the surgeries and really interactive! I think I could have taken every single one of them home if they didn't already have amazing families. The icing on the cake of this week was Nur coming for a visit! I originally met Nur my first weekend here and he has really settled into a spot of my heart, as he has with every one who has cared for him. This afternoon I got to spend a bit of time watching cartoons, playing and taking silly pictures on photobooth with him. As I was getting ready to leave and told him good bye he leaped into my arms and gave me a huge giggle and an even bigger hug. This has to be my favorite picture I have had taken here, it really captures his spirit.

Then there are these:

He had to step out to take an important call:

Then there's this bunch of cuties:

Maybe this week has been so exceptional because over the weekend a handful of the other workers/volunteers snuck in and spent the whole weekend putting up wall decorations in the center. It was a total surprise for the rest of us and it has really added a children friendly vibe to the place!

 I ended this week wanting to adopt about 27 different kids. I think you can see why. 

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