Varanasi was amazing.. When I'm done with my holiday I'll put up a proper picture post but this is the view of the ghats from my room. Every day here taught me something new. I watched children, ox, grandparents and everyone in between wash in the ghats out of my room. I saw puja, was blessed at "The Mother Ganges," watched a cremation ceremony and ended every night gazing at the prayer candles as they floated down the river. This city is overwhelming at first, the alleys are disorienting and everyone wants to talk to you or sell you something. Once I adjusted, I fell in love with getting lost in the alleys, finding ghats off the map and politely turning down the touts. 

At times I really wish I had someone I loved be it friend, significant other or family to experience these things with. I dream of taking people to this country in the future and showing them its beauty. Other times I love traveling on my own. It is liberating and challenging and forces you to grow. I used to think I wasn't street smart at all and never would have thought I could take on a city like this on my own. Fast forward to now, and here I am getting ready to hop on another train and discover another new part of this world!

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  1. That's encouraging - I managed Japan on my own but India is a very different beast! We're grateful you're sharing it with us, at any rate :)