April 2012

When I moved to India last May I was contracted for six months with the option to extend for an additional six months to the one year my visa will allow. The extension decision was to take place in August and was dependent on a whole bunch of factors.

Soon after I moved here I knew I wanted to stay for the full year, my little heart kind of was set on it. August came closer and after a long skype call with all of the international nurses it became fairly clear that I would not be needed for the full year. I felt fine with that decision as I have always said, I only want to stay here for as long as I am needed. I got in the mind set of coming home in the fall, left for my little Indian vacation and started mentally planning my life come November. 

While I was away I started receiving e-mails saying not to make any concrete plans, to wait until I got back from vacation to talk things over. Enter stress. I had wanted to stay but was told that wasn't necessary so then I kind of wanted to go home. Now I may be back to staying again! I didn't know what to think and wasn't sure of which decision to make.

I came back to Guwahati and talked things over with a few different people and they asked me to stay for an additional six months. I am not going to lie, it wasn't an easy decision to make. I knew that I would lose my position in my PICU back in California plus disappoint my family/friends that thought I would come home in the fall. I lost sleep and racked my brain like crazy. My heart was telling me to stay here but my (annoyingly) sensible brain was telling me not to. Finally after talking to my dad for a while he said he felt that I should follow my heart. That was all the reassurance I needed. I went into work the next day and signed the contract to stay here until April 2012. 

Ack! It's real, I am going to live here until the Spring. I must be feeling really good because my appetite is in full swing and I'm gaining weight like I needed to. I've also been dancing spontaneously so my spirits are in a good place. 

I miss you California, don't think I don't. I just have some business to take care of here. I hope you can understand. 


  1. That is so great!! Lucky girl!! You have a great daddy! Follow your heart! So sweet!

  2. Often when I've followed my sensible head over my heart, I've regretted the decision later. California's not going anywhere, and I'm sure your friends and family are just so proud of you that they won't mind waiting a few more months to see you :)


  3. Congrats girl! That's so cool, seriously. I'd love to pick your brain sometime about India, I've been thinking about going there next summer but have heard so many scary stories and things that I'm not sure. You seem to be making it work so well though so any advice you've got, I'd love to take! :) Anyway have a blast in your next 6 mths, I look forward to reading all about it!

  4. oh, that's exciting! I am sure that there us something special stored for you...