Fall Fashion Week 2011- 9/28

One thing my friend told me to bring with me before I moved here was plenty of long skirts. They are easy to squat in if you only have squatty potties, they breath, move and are modest! I love this thrift store find and wear it all the time. The one problem is that it isn't good in the rain and you have to remember to life it off the ground when you walk into the toilet! The street I'm on here is what I walk down to head to the coffee shop, the bread bakery, some restaurants and on the right of the picture you can see the green walls of the shop where I found a girl working with a cleft palate (you can read about that here.) 

The Head to Toe
Shirt: AA from Buffalo Exchange
Skirt: Goodwill
Bracelet: Gift
Bag: Streets of McLeod Ganj
Awkward face: Inherent

Only one more day! (for me!)


  1. oh my goodness, i seriously want that bag!!

  2. beautiful! that skirt has the perfect shape to it and looks great with the gray t!

  3. I would totally wear this! I love maxi skirts :)

  4. I love this! I would totally wear it. I wish I was wearing it right now. Love love love your skirt and LOVE that bag. Perfect.

  5. really like the pattern on that skirt. i love maxi skirts for int'l travel for the reasons you mentioned -- modest, ease of movement, comfortable and breezy. plus, there's something awesome about walking around in a skirt with your backpacking pack. =)

  6. What a pretty skirt! I love the color! And that bag is awesome!

  7. I adore you.. thats all there is to it. Pretty.

  8. I love that skirt and bag. I want a long skirt like yours but I am so short I am afraid I won't look good in a long skirt.