Fall Fashion Week 2011- 9/29!

This will be my last post for Fall Fashion Week! Tomorrow I will be traveling all day because I have a week off! This is made possible because: 
1) I worked night shift this week
2) There is a big Hindu holiday next week called Durga Puja and the center will be closed for most of the week
3) Susie is awesome and made my schedule so that I could extend my week off!

This may seem crazy but my destination is Hong Kong! I have a friend who lives there and is so graciously putting me up for the week! I looked into a lot of different get aways here in India and Nepal and they were all either too expensive or required too much planning for me right now. I am currently planning/reserving all the plane and train tickets for when my little sister comes out here in December and my mind couldn't handle planning a last minute excursion here. My eyes were crossed after figuring out the train and flight situation as we need to share some flights but not others, etc. I love seeing this country but travel here is exhausting and is far from easy. The ticket to HK was the cheapest and easiest. I plan on getting there and figuring the rest out as I go (my favorite)! I am so thankful for my friend who is letting me stay with her, I can hardly contain my excitement. 

On to the outfit! It's true. I brought out the party pants. I wore this to the final party after the mission week; I considered wearing a sari but they are so hard to dance in! This has to be one of my favorite blouses I have ever found while thrifting. I believe my mom said it reminded her of a pregnancy top she wore in the 80's. All the better!!

(can we ignore that my bangs make me look like I have a comb over? I blame the 100 degree heat and crazy humidity)

The Head to Toe
Top: Thrifted
Belt: Thrifted
Party Pants: AA
Shoes: H&M

I have really enjoyed this week looking at what all of you lovely ladies are wearing this Fall! You have all been wonderful, positive and beautiful! I can wait to be able to thrift again, I am feeling inspired! Keep in touch, okay? I'll see you when I get back! 


  1. you seriously do look so dang cute! love that top with that belt. so great.

  2. Honk Kong!! How fun pretty lady!!! Can't wait to read all about it. I love your life, sheesh.

    AND now on to your outfit.
    It's perfect. Party pants!! yes!
    And that thrifted top is so adorable on you.

  3. Aww your adorable!!!
    Love this cute outfit, great belt!

  4. super cute blouse and i LOVE those flats! They would go with anything!!

  5. That top is gorgeous and I love the yellow belt I hope Hong Kong is amazing. That's one of a long list of places I hope to someday visit.

  6. OH my gosh!! That top REALLY is gorgeous! I love the details!! And I'm wishing you safe travels to Hong Kong!! How fun!!

  7. This outfit is incredible. You are freakin' adorable!!

  8. i love everything about this outfit! adorable!

  9. are you serious?! this is amazing!! looove that top! you look so cute!

  10. OMG! As soon as I saw the floor, I got this nostalgic feeling of home. I miss india. I hope you are having a good time. I am gonna follow you, i hope you follow me back?

    xo NAV