McLeod Ganj: In pictures & Other things

Last night I decided to import the entries from my other blog in an effort to merge them together so I apologize if that somehow took over your blog feed. I originally thought I'd keep a separate place for writing things about the work I am doing and keep this blog for every day life but it has all become one for me, I can't keep them apart anymore! 

Here are the only pictures I was able to take in McLeod Ganj. It seemed like a beautiful place, I really enjoyed it and would like to go back. I spent my days drinking tea (don't EVER order Tibetan Butter tea) and volunteering at conversational English classes with the exiled Tibetan monks. McCleod Ganj is where the exiled Tibetan government lives, and therefore is home to the Dalai Lama when he is in town. There is an air of peacefulness and love that is undeniable in this town, I quite enjoyed it!

 The sunshine lasted for about one hour and then it monsooned the rest of the time I spent there!

Om Mani Padme Hum 


  1. it looks so pretty there, i want to visit india so bad from looking at all your pictures :)

  2. Awesome pictures!! Too bad it monsoon-ed, but at least you got a few good ones in there first :)

  3. A town full of peace and love? I can't imagine anything lovelier.

    I was given a Versatile Blogger award, and protocol dictates that I pass it on to 15 others...so I am passing it onto you! I love your blog :)