My own brew of tea, it's all the rage right now

Every single morning I have to have my cup of tea to get the day started on the right foot. It isn't so much about the caffeine as it is the morning tradition. Sometimes it's green tea, sometimes it's milk tea. It could be loose leaf or it could be a tea bag. In the winter I like mint teas, living here I discovered lemon ginger tea. I love tea, it is essential!

Wednesday morning I woke up late. I thought I might have time to drink my tea with breakfast so I made it in my normal cup. As I rushed to get ready for work I realized that I would need to pour it in my travel mug. I grabbed the mug (whose lid I lost months ago) out of my backpack, quickly rinsed it in the sink then dumped in my tea. I ran out of the door, got in the car and finally had my first sip. Immediately I noticed that the tea tasted a bit off. I blamed it on the fact that we only had powder milk and it probably just tasted different. I kept sipping. It tasted a bit like soap so then I wondered if I didn't rinse my cup well enough after washing it the center the previous day. I kept sipping.

We arrived at the hospital and I went into the ward to look over the patients for the day. After I was done I went walking upstairs to the center. That's when I saw it. In my travel mug, after drinking half of my tea I saw a huge black something floating in it. It was just poking out of the surface and I started panicking. I rushed up the stairs, into the conference and said to Rosie "I am going to pass out right now, what is in my tea?!?!?!" (It turns out that someone who actually passes out, probably shouldn't use that phrase for dramatic effect.) Rosie, being the brave woman she is, grabbed the cup and investigated as I just sat there frozen repeating "what is in my tea??" She eventually picked up a fork and fished out nothing other than a.... sock. Thats right, a sock. WHAT THE HELL?!? A sock?! I brewed and drank sock tea.

It obviously made its way into my travel mug from backpack but I have no idea why it didn't come out when I rinsed out my mug that morning. I also have no idea why I continued drinking tea that didn't taste right. I consumed dirty, Guwahati, dusty, sock tea. Classic Kristin moment right there folks.

So what did I end up doing? I tossed the sock, dumped the rest of the tea and really rinsed out my mug. Then I collected myself and walked down to the omelette walla. There I got a nice cup of milk tea and a fresh roti omelette. Yum!


  1. Ahahahahahah! I'm sorry that happened to you but that's HILARIOUS!

  2. LOL! Sock tea! That is funny! Sorry you had to drink that, but your breakfast after the sock incident looks yummy!

  3. hahahah AW! That is totally something I would do. I love that picture though. Youre the freakin' cutest.

  4. mmmm sock tea... I'm sure it's going to become all the rage. :)