The things people carry

I have a fellow nurse friend who was here at the center for two months who started a collection of photographs of "things people carry on their heads." I really loved the idea because it is incredible what I have seen being carried around. I also have a more grotesque collection of "things you find on the street" but I am not sure the majority of people would want to see those things so I will keep them to myself! Here is my first photo from this weekend, seriously?! 

I just have a little point and shoot camera so it gets a little difficult, I tried to get a good one of this guy:

I think I enjoy the lady to the left of the frame more. Take a walk through this bazaar and your eyes will be filled with more than you can take in all at once. 

In other news, last week the much anticipated PALS course took place for some of the healthcare workers! I am so proud of everyone, all 13 who completed the course passed! Sweet success! 

 (From L to R: Indian, Colombian, Aussie, Indian, Colombian, Indian, Kiwi, and an American just at the edge of the frame. We are an eclectic group!)

The course involves a huge amount of material and since it is an AHA course, it takes quite a bit of skill and knowledge to pass. These are the first AHA certified PALS providers in the North East states of India to anyone's knowledge. I could not be more proud!!!

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