A bright spot anyone?

I present to you a collection of silly pictures I've accumulated over the last few months. 

I bought this muffin on 26/7. It came to me from the future.

Indian men finding rest and relaxation on my shoulder.

Sri Lankan posters

Go ahead, ponder the pool rules.

Just one Draid Lock

What a creep

Sanitation rules in Rishikesh

Fairly unassuming at first glance.


Sidewalk treasures

Chinese adverts

1. It's soap, in the shape of a cake 2. It has naked babies on it.

Thankful for directories

Another nice breeze.


  1. those were AWESOME!!! i misssssss you mucho !

  2. haha that Chinese food advert is hilarious!!!x

  3. Wow... I really don't know what to make of some of these photos. They're very.. um.. interesting! ;)

  4. fab pictures, really made me giggle! i love all the rules they paint on the walls, I've got some fab ones from my travels in India!

  5. I have just recently found your blog and absolutely love it! I lived in Bangalore for 5 months working with street boys, and this blog absolutely reminds me of that! Your stories are so incredibly moving, and the work you're doing is inspiring. Keep it up! This post just made me laugh so much about the ridiculous signage and hilarious adverts! We had great street signs like "all jams are good for health except traffic jam". I loved them! Also, the sign about sprinkling...we totally have that in our bathroom at home because I found it THAT funny. I love your blog, and I'm sure you're touching more lives than you realise. You're making my day brighter all the way over in England just from reading what you have to say. (I've been reading your posts back all day...that's how much I'm loving this)