Hong Kong: Pt. 1

I don't even know where to start with summarizing this awesome trip! The first day was a blur, I had just come off of working night shift. I took a three hour nap then headed to the airport. I travelled overnight and arrived in Hong Kong in the morning. It was a perfect way to maximize my time there. I took a cab from the island the airport is on over to the New Territories where my friend and her family lives. Katy and I caught up for a bit then headed to Causeway Bay, a big shopping center. I was in love right away with all of the people, street food and the culture in general. We had sushi, I ate way too much street food and had bubble tea! That night I ate dinner with her family and went to bed nice and early. I still can not believe how accommodating her family was, they were so amazing to me. 

 My favorite part of the Delhi airport

Street food! SO good.

I look so tired but I was so happy with arms full of yumminess

Sunday we got up and headed to church. I had a small anxiety attack as we entered the metro station. I was overwhelmed by the designer stores, the huge shopping mall, and the shiny clean floors. I can't really describe the feelings I was experiencing at that moment but it was really hard to come from Guwahati to that. It was just overwhelming. Church was exactly what I needed in that moment! Katy and her father lead worship and it felt good to be in a church environment. Afterwards we went to the cricket club, ate lunch and watched some rugby. The rest of the day I walked around with Katy and her brother, left my ipod to be fixed and then ate dinner with her brother and dad that night! Did I mention that I in between I was obsessively reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, which I had been searching for since August and finally found in the airport.

 MTR to Hong Kong

 The view from the cricket field

Monday Katy and her family resumed their usual work week so ventured out on my own. One thing I can say is that the public transportation is excellent in Hong Kong. I was able to get around very easily, everything is so well marked. Anywho, I headed to Lantau for the day. I started by eating at Starbucks! My first in five months!! As an ex-Starbucks Barista this was a big deal. I had my usual soy green tea latte (which is very popular there by the by) and a chocolate croissant! Then it was off to the Po Lin monastery so I could stare at the Tian Tan Buddha. I had to take a bus because it was too windy to take the sky cable ride. On the ride I was adopted by a woman from the Philippines. She insisted on taking my picture for me in front of everything and tried to convince me to go with her and her family to Disneyland that afternoon. I politely declined and as you can see in the pictures, I am SO awkward when taking pictures because I am not used to it anymore. Traveling alone means lots of pictures of the sights but few of yourself usually! 

The monastery and the Buddha were beautiful despite the typhoon winds. I hiked a few km of the Lantau trail, ate a yummy vegetarian lunch in the monastery and stared at Buddha for a long time. The most difficult part of the day was finding my way out of the MTR station on the way back home! I seriously got so turned around trying to get out to the street/bus. I ended up in a lot of areas I wasn't supposed to be but eventually found my way out. 

 Tian Tan Buddha

 Honestly, how awkward.

 On the Wisdom Path

 Wisdom Path from Lantau Trail

 The biggest incense I have ever seen

 Po Lin monastery


  1. How exciting!! And I love your super cute awkward poses!! But how extremely nice of that lady! So far, it looks like you had a fabulous time!

  2. I have a friend who just moved to Hong Kong from Bath, and she was telling me it was a bit of a culture shock - I can only begin to imagine how different it must be from India! It sounds like a wonderful trip so far, can't wait to hear more!

  3. kristin i am just so in awe of your adventurous spirit! i have been reading a lot about how important it is for a woman to go on a trip completely alone. of course all i have done about it is READ about it but... someday! xoxo

  4. Wow wow wow. Beautiful! Um, that incense blew my mind by the way. I can't even wrap my head around the size of it!