Hong Kong: Pt. 3

My last three days in Hong Kong passed by all too quickly. On Thursday I decided to go to Mong Kok to check out the cheap shopping! There is a lady's market there which is a long street lined with vendors selling everything from iPhone covers to lingerie! I ate sushi for lunch, had a really good jasmine iced tea, some more street food and then bubble tea. I was totally out of control with my eating the whole trip it seems. Mong Kok was absolutely the craziest as far as amount of people and busyness.  I walked away with a new pair of flats and some things for my niece and nephews! 

 Mong Kok

Friday was a slow start for me. I was getting sick, as I always do when I travel. I slept super late, Skyped with my family and then pulled myself up by the boot straps and made something of my day. I walked down to a NGO called Crossroads to check out what they do. Essentially, the are a global distributor to people in need around the world. Additionally, they provide shelter and employment to refugees, people escaping from abuse, women saved from sex slavery, and SO much more. I was very inspired walking around their compound seeing what one person's dreams can lead to. 

That night Katy and I went to The Peak! It is the perfect view overlooking Hong Kong. For all of you Bachelor/Bachelorette fans out there, The Peak is where JP and Ashley went on their one on one in Hong Kong :x Anyways we took the bus up there and had a really great conversation along the way, so meaningful to me. The peak was had a breathtaking view and was very windy! While there you can write a note and hang it on this huge heart, which I found irresistible! To get down we took the tram, it was an unexpected experience. The descent is so steep the buildings look like they are tipped sideways. Plus on the way down you sit backwards so it was disorienting! Next we headed to Central which is polar opposites day vs night. We had been there on Wednesday for Dim Sum, it was quiet and full of business buildings. On weekend nights it is bar central! The street was packed and people were definitely having a good time! It was fun to see a little bit of the night life Hong Kong had to offer (as there is none in Guwahati).

 The Peak

 "Say I love you at The Peak"

 Peak tram

 Central at night

Saturday was my last day, it came so quickly. I woke up early and headed out to Tai Tam country park to hike the Dragon's Back trail. Hong Kong trail is something like 50km in total, I did about 10km because I heard that the Dragon's Back portion was the best part so I couldn't leave without hiking it. It is this undulating hike over a ridge, it looks over parts of cities and beaches almost the whole time and is my second favorite hike I have ever done, coming after my hike in Cherapunjee (see here, read here.) I chose to hike to Shek O, then take a minibus down to the beach. I hung out on the beach a bit then got on with the rest of my day. I decided to go to Causeway Bay one last time to get Bubble tea (do you see a theme here?) and pick up a few things. After getting back to Katy's we hung out a bit and had my last lunch! After checking out some of a rugby match and packing up it was time to travel all night back to India. Every day of my trip was so enjoyable, I feel like I will need to go back to experience it all again some time!

 Ridge after Ridge, eventually down to the beach

 Shek O Beach


  1. This is beautiful!! You are a great traveler who is willing to try new experiences, new food, and aren't afraid to travel alone!

  2. KATIE I am dying here. Your trip is really inspiring me, travel-wise. You're so brave.

  3. Wait, did I say Katie or Kristin? hahaha awkward!

  4. @Lea Thank you so much! It is always a bit nerve racking to travel alone but is 100% worthwhile and a very unique experience!

  5. @Nova LOLOLOLOL I just died laughing!! I was like "Is she directing that at Katy (the friend whom I was staying with in HK)???? Then I immediately read the next comment and diiiiied. So good.

    But really, I'm glad you find it inspiring. Go get the world Nova!