Hong Kong: pt.2

Tuesday and Wednesday were so rad! On Tuesday I followed Katy's mother's advice and went to Stanley, not sure what to expect. I took a few buses and ended in Stanley Market. The market is essentially like an outdoor swap meet. Lots of trinkets, clothing and tourists. There was a nice beach so I laid out on some rocks for over a hour soaking up Vitamin D. Then I walked around a bit more before accidently beginning the rest of my day. I say accidently because, originally, I just wanted to check out Kowloon Park then go home. I ended up hanging out in Kowloon Park reading, walking all around Kowloon, getting lost inside the Chinese ferry arrival station and then realizing how late it was. Since it was so late, I just walked around more until 8pm when the light show happens in Victoria Harbour. I ate a crazy good steak dinner (my body has been severely lacking protein) and watched the show from my table. It was a nice little show but I think I expected a little more, I don't know, pizazz? All in all, I got back home super late but ready for the next day!

Stanley Beach

Kowloon Park

Oh heeeey Flamingos in the city.


If I had to pick my favorite day it would have to be Wednesday. It was a national holiday so Katy had the day off! We met up with her co-worker who is ultra Chinese and he showed me some real culture (all involving food, of course!) We started by heading out for traditional dim sum and tea. Dim sum is essentially bite sized steamed dishes. They come around in baskets and you just choose the baskets you want then share with the table. The first place we went was a total mad house and we couldn't be seated. We ended up heading to a more formal place and drank too much tea and ate crazy good food. By the way dim sum is traditionally a breakfast or brunch! So unlike Western culture! 

After dimsum with almost no time to digest we headed to the wet market. This is a market that sells sea food... that is still alive. I wasn't expecting to be sloshing around in sea water or to be watching my food crawl out of their buckets. Luckily, our friend navigated us around and picked out some sweet deals (prawns, blue crab, squid, fish). After you pick out what you want you bring it upstairs where you have it prepared. You can steam it, fry it and spice hundreds of ways. Then you just sit down and wait for it to come to you! It required getting my hands dirty but I felt rather at home as I have been eating with my hands more frequently over the last five months :) 

It was such a good day!

Packed out dim sum restaurant

Such a cute little menu

Such a cute little place setting

Such cute little steamed puffs of goodness

Such cute little prawns

Such a cute... well, I guess, crab I am about to eat?

Wet market eating

Poor little guys

Total destruction. 


  1. Ewww, when I look at those prawns it looks like a big bowl of ... sea bugs. hahaha

  2. Wow, that Wet Market is awesome! I've seen places in Japan on tv where you could pick your own octopus and they'd cook if for you, but not a whole market! So interesting to see other cultures, you're really experiencing a lot :) Glad you're having fun x

  3. I seriously LOVE your pictures. I'm dying to go back on vacation ASAP, to somewhere far far away! (INDIA!)