Halloween, GC4 style

I love being absorbed in the culture here, learning first hand about local tradition and faith. I have spent the last few Sunday afternoons at an orphanage visiting someone special and then attending the candle ceremony at the near by temple. We sing, dance, jump around, light candles and eat! The nurses share their home made food with me all the time and as you read, I was immersed in the Diwali celebration and it was so fun! This week, however, I got the chance to celebrate a very Western holiday with my co-workers: Halloween!! Okay, I have to admit, after being told the epic tale of Diwali, Halloween is pretty blah. In fact, for me personally (as with most of America I'd say) there isn't really a deep meaning if a true meaning at all to Halloween. Nevertheless, I do have traditions that I like to uphold and it was so fun to share them with my co-workers!

We had face painting, pumpkin carving, creepy music, spiderwebs, a few of us wore costumes and mask making! We had planned for a few other activities but the celebration was at the end of the day so many people were tired and ready to leave for the day. That didn't stop them from getting really into character once their faces were painted! It was AWESOME. Plus, the pumpkin carving came naturally to the surgeons. They wanted 11 blades, skin markers, heck they probably would have even liked some suction ;)

 (So serious)

 (Straight into character)


  1. Hahaha the people you work with look like a barrel of laughs! Hope you all had a fun time!