"Picnic" time

A few months ago I was approached by one of the local nurses regarding setting up a nurses picnic. I said of course, it sounded fun and asked her how we should plan it. To me, a picnic is packing a lunch and taking it to a park to eat then leaving. Not here. Here a picnic is an all day event. You cook at the site, play music, games and hang out. I told her that maybe she should plan the picnic and I will just chip in financially as I had never had such a picnic experience before. Weeks went by and for one reason or another they ended up throwing it together at the last minute. So, on Saturday it happened. We got a late start but drove down to a remote area on the bank of the Brahmaputra and set up. By the time I had moseyed down to the river bank the local nurses were in action mode. Some were chopping up vegetables, others setting down collecting water, washing meat or setting up a make shift awning. I had never stepped foot in the Brahmaputra river before (or any body of water here for that matter) but for some reason it just seemed right. The river bed was really sinky, my foot got sucked into the guck within the first step. I ventured out further though and the girls showed me how to skim the less dirty water off the top of the tiny ripples. It was interesting to say the least. After we filled the bowls it was cooking time. They brought along a cook from the hospital's canteen and he cooked chicken masala, dal and a veg dish. We chopped up salad and the feistier ladies enjoyed a nice Fosters beer. The car was playing music, there was dancing, hair doing and game playing. Eventually the feast was ready and the food was fantastic! The most touching part of the day was that there were a lot of left overs which were donated to me to give to the kids the following day! It was a very unexpected and great day on the Brahmaputra with the nurses I have come to love like family!


  1. I only recently found your blog through Danielle at Sometimes Sweet and I'm so glad I did. What you do is wonderful and inspiring and I love reading your posts. I plan on helping financially as soon as I'm able.

  2. Sounds wonderful and fun and delicious!