Notes from an airplane v2.0

I arrived in California on Saturday and so far my visit home has been so great! Travelling to the states usually takes around 30 hours, a majority spent squished into a plane. For some reason my internal monologue goes out of control when I'm travelling....

230pm: I love airports.

256pm: The foreigner count in the Guwahati airport is up to 16. This has to be some kind of record.

445pm: Who goes to the toilet 3 times on a two hour flight?!

505pm: Guy next to me is fully staring at my screen right now. No privacy. Ever.

810pm: Got choked up walking up to immigration to leave India. I can't believe I am going to hug my mom in Los Angeles in 24 hours.

1007pm: Air Emirates, I love you!!

1243am: Starbucks in my hand. Starbucks in my mouth. My mouth tastes like Christmas!! Doing a happy dance. A Christmas themed happy dance!

214am: Just fell asleep in a bathroom in Dubai.

218am: I've been wearing these pants for 17+ hours. Glanced in the mirror on my way out of the bathroom and  noticed that you can see my bright pink undies right through the pants. Classy.

245am: Dear Sir complaining about having to wait 15 minutes in the security check line even though you're "business class." I'd love to give you some real life perspective.

247am: Aisle seat on the four seater middle row. Dang!!

330am: Wait, no one next to me on a 16 hour flight. It's a party in row 25!

557am: I'm impressed with how compact I can make myself in order to sleep horizontally.

112pm: There's nothing like being woken up by your own drool going down your shirt.

140pm: When did become the lady that shoves her extra airplane food in her bag?

151pm: "Wanna be my chammak challo, oh oh ohhhh?" Bollywood dance party in row 25!

715pm/715am: A bread roll just fell out of my bag. The 70-something-year old man to my left picked it up and handed it back to me. So much judgement in his eyes.

745am: Accidentally told U.S. immigration that I would be in India another 5 years when I meant 5 months. Freudian slip?


  1. I hope you enjoyed safe and happy travels back to the states!! 30 hours is a looooong time on a plane. Wow.

    p.s. Bollywood is one of my favorite types of dance!! It's so beautiful and fun! I have a DVD that I've been trying to learn from haha :)

  2. So funny - love your reflections. Happy Christmas/family time!

  3. this made me chuckle! I love flying, I wish I got whole rows to myself!

    Lets hope your trip back is as comfy!

  4. Loved your thoughts from 218 to 557... I can relate! Traveling can be so weird...

    Did immigration act all weird about the slip? I mean, you've been traveling for more than a day, you get a break.

  5. Hahaha I should have totally done a post like this when I was stuck on a plane this summer. Not nearly as long as your flight, but it was a direct 11 hour flight and by hour... 9?! I had gone completely nuts. How in the heck did you go SIXTEEN? So cool that you're home though! It's crazy in my mind that you're flying home and then back to India, I wonder how my mind would handle all of that!

  6. Hey !
    First, i'm sorry if my english is not perfect, i'm french. I just discovered your blog just today and i'm already addicted. Your work in India is so impressive. What you're doing is amazing, i wish i were strong enough to do something like this someday. Thank you for being such a great inspiration. Enjoy your time back home. I've been in the US for 17 months and next week I will spend my second Christmas away from my family back in France. Have a great time back home. I wish you a very merry Christmas !