Sam Means/Christmas All Over Again/Petty/Asha Guwahati

Wait, what?

Last time I wrote, I mentioned that my friend Danielle blogged about what is happening here in Guwahati. She is an amazing woman and a well-loved blogger. She decided she wanted to do something with her readership and spreading the word about Asha Guwahati was on her list. In just over a weeks time her post has garnered crazy amounts of support for the kids here. To top it all off, she approached me a few days ago about the following:

Sam Means is a musician based out of Arizona, his wife is friends with Danielle. Sam is formally of the band The Format, and I have to be real for a second, I may have squealed when I read Danielle's e-mail because I am a big fan of The Format and have been for many years. I squealed again as I continued to read and found out that he and his wife heard about Asha Guwahati and wanted to help. They had already made a donation after reading Danielle's post but they are not stopping there. Sam covered Tom Petty's "Christmas All Over Again" this year and like Tom Petty, Sam wanted to give the proceeds to charity. From Sam's site:

Originally written and performed by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Featured on the second "A Very Special Christmas" CD to benefit Special Olympics, Petty generously donated the royalties to the song to the organization. Since its release in 1992, the song has raised more than $200,000 to benefit athletes with intellectual disabilities. 

All donations from this version will be donated to 
Animal Welfare League (aawl.org) & Asha Guwahati (he.llomer.ch/asha)
released 01 December 2011 
Don Raymond, Jr., Bass Guitar 
Patrick Carrie, Electric Guitar

You can listen to the song below and purchase it (for only 99cents!) right then or head over to iTunes and purchase it there! I am so happy and still in disbelief at everyone's support. Please let me and Sam and Danielle know if you purchase the song! Every purchase will go so far.


  1. I saw this on Danielle's blog and was SO happy for you and your charity! Kristin, the work you're doing is amazing and deserves to be recognized the way it has been so far. I'm always thinking of your charity & will do everything I can to help you out as well! :)

  2. Amazing! You (and most of all the people you're helping) deserve it.