Agra: In Pictures

Annie's whirlwind visit to India started with seeing the never forgettable and always awe inspiring Taj Mahal in the City of Agra!

 Annie's first bicycle rickshaw ride (at 545am!)

 Dressing like a ninja warms you up in the unexpected cold

 Le Taj

 The beauty is in the detail

 Fancy Banana Lassi
 Agra Fort took me surprise

 Annie's first overnight train. Not quite the Hogwart's Express. I think she actually said that.

Perspective from the upper birth. Snuggling in, praying to not be attacked by bed bugs


  1. You both look deleriously happy in these photos! My sister and I are planning our first ever holiday together this year. It's a long weekend in Paris - not quite the same as seeing the Taj Mahal but we're pretty excited anyway!

  2. I was wondering how her trip went. Lucky! Bedbugs and all, I'd rather be traveling India than bored at home.