Baby showers are not for boys

Today is Republic Day in India so we had a day off! One of the dentists at the center is expecting her first child in about a month so the last few months have been full of conversations about the differences between American and Indian parenting experiences. She and I have talked about everything from pregnancy to birthing to newborn care and just about anything else you can imagine! It has been so informative and interesting to say the least. One major difference is that it is a criminal offense here to find out the gender of the baby in utero, therefore no gender specific planning happens before hand. There are not traditionally baby showers and the baby does not receive a name until it is one month old when a big reception is held. A few weeks ago Nisha extended an invitation and asked the ladies we work with to hold a baby shower! She has never attended one (and very sweetly exclaimed today that she's only seen them in movies) but she wanted to celebrate with us! We excitedly said yes and after feeding the kids today we all got together! As there aren't baby shower decorations around these parts she improvised and hand made a sign, hung balloons and got streamers. When we arrived we helped finish decorating, baked a cake and the games commenced....

...... Oh the games. A few of the men we work with wanted to come also so we said, hey why not? We're already breaking the norms by holding a baby shower so why not throw some guys into the mix? We learned quickly why! The games got a little intense right off the bat, accusations of cheating may have been flying around and by the end the boys sat separately from the girls with a few sour looks on their faces haha! Luckily it was all in good fun though the competitive factor was a new baby shower experience for me. All in all, it was really lovely and it was so fun that Nisha invited us to share this bit of culture with her! Next time I see her she will have had her little babe!

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  1. Culture is so much different all around the world! Waiting a month before deciding on the name!! That's crazy! You are so lucky though. All of those experiences are truly making you an amazing person in and out, that is for sure.