Nepal in Pictures Part 1

On Friday I arrived back from a very great trip North to Nepal!! The first week I spent teaching CPR classes during the day in Kathmandu at a small, small hospital. In the afternoons/evenings we headed out to see the sights and by the end of the week, I checked everything off my list of places I wanted to see in the city. I will write more later but for now here are pictures from the first four days!

 Kirtipur hospital 

 We taught around 16-18 people each day!

 The most traditional Nepalese meal, dal bhat

Stairs leading to Swayambhutnath Temple 

 Sunset over Kathmandu Valley

 Underdeveloped world problems: having to wash gloves for reuse. 

 Kirtipur (was once a kingdom)

 Brand new Nepalese baby catching some rays and getting bathed/massaged by Grammy

 Three babies catching rays with Grandmas!

 Rooftop dining in an old village

 This is how aila is poured



  1. Great pictures! Nepal looks like such a wonderful place :)

  2. Beautiful photos! What an amazing place.

  3. WOW! That one picture of Kirtipur is so great, it's so pretty. And the stairs picture too.