While I was away & Moving Forward

Two Sundays ago I was getting ready to leave for Nepal so I woke up, helped make the food but had to depart before getting to pass it out. It felt like leaving without saying goodbye to my fifty children and I just felt off. Luckily I have amazing friends that have become equally as invested in Asha Guwahati who take great care of these children week in and out alongside me. Add into that the string of volunteers that come to the surgical center who always are willing to help and I knew that the kids would be taken great care of in my absence. Rosie wrote to me last week saying that Puja, one of the girls from the slum, helped pass out most of the food and they just sat back and enjoyed! How awesome is that?! I always feel so sad when I leave, especially on Sundays, but seeing these pictures puts the biggest smile on my face!

This week Asha Guwahati took some big steps forward! Rosie and I went out on Saturday and purchased the largest pressure cooker and rice cooker that we could find. Thanks to everyone's generous donations we are now able to more efficiently make the food which also enables us to make more meals. If you have had the opportunity to help us here then you know that previously we were having to make all the meals in batches and it took hours. Yesterday we found ourselves twiddling our thumbs after about one hour! This week we stuck to our normal amount to test the equipment out but next week we are increasing by 50% then doubling the following week if all goes as planned. That will equal 100 meals per feeding. I think 75 is enough to cover every child and adolescent in Lakhtokia. I have my eye on a group of about 15 or so that have appeared by the train station so that will be who the additional meals go to. Also, a friend who is local gave me some very exciting news this week which I will share more about later, good things are happening in the heart of Guwahati my friends, thanks for sticking along for the ride!

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  1. How neat, can't wait to see what else you will do! This is such an inspiring project :)