Happy Rongali Bihu!

This past weekend was a celebration called Rongali Bihu! It is essentially an Assamese culture celebration and occurs three different times a year. April marks the Assamese new year and of course Spring begins! Women dress in traditional wear, there are cultural showcases all over and Bihu music abounds. Different villages and tribes have their own way of dress and their specific Bihu dances so I walked around a bit on Saturday to catch some of the dance but was mostly unsuccessful with my timing. I did manage to stop by the temple down the road and pray, get some cold coffee, lunch and in the evening on Saturday I caught a few dances. Did I mention that we all put on sarees for work on Friday?

I don't have the traditional wear but threw on one of my sarees anyhow :)

On Sunday afternoon myself and two coworkers took a scooter ride to one of the nurses' homes for lunch! It was quite a long ride but well worth it. The three of us were a scooter gang! We got out to Lakhy's home and enjoyed Bihu related sweets, a yummy lunch and sat around sharing nursing stories while grossing out her husband! Oh nurses!

The cloth over my shoulder is the gamose I wrote about here, the handwoven traditional cloth which is handed out during Bihu! It was a nice to have three days off of work to finally see Bihu (I have been out of town during the other two) but this week is busy leading up to me heading to the states in just a few days! 

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  1. How cool that you saw how they're made just a few weeks ago and now you have a gamose.