Being in California has been a whirlwind so far! Besides people that live in other parts of the state/country, I have gotten to spend time with everyone I have hoped to and still have more time to go! I had a laundry list of things to take care of and am slowly but surely crossing things off:

Empty storage unit
Hold a "not quite an estate sale" sale 
Squeeze your nieces and nephews
Start visa process
Complete visa process
Arrange visits to Colorado/Missouri/San Francisco
Go to Colorado/Missouri/San Francisco
Send in the hard drive you broke during your first time using it
Re-register your car in preparation to sell it (turned into re-insure it, try and smog it, be told you have to drive it 150 miles, drive 150 miles, re-smog it, re-register it, give your brother in-law 5% commission for selling it for you because the process has worn you out thus far)
Sell car (less the 5% you now owe to your oh-so-kind brother in law)
See your father's play
Speak at CHOC Children's
Sell your Wii
File taxes
Speak to mom's class
Soak up a bit of Vitamin D
Spend a lot of time with those you love (ongoing, it will never be enough, right?)

My allergies are going crazy, that so far has been the only downside to my visit! 


  1. Uh, you might want to hurry up and file those taxes. :-)

    1. Uncle Greg helped me! I did file for an extension so I'm not in trouble!

  2. I think some are confused as to your next "stage" of life...I had a little update in India! Loved my three weeks there ( except for the excruciating heat!) , the surgeons and locals are awesome, your very lucky to work with such a good group of people!
    I will definitely return there, maybe in a different month, when it's cooler! Enjoy your time with your family, we will be in touch! xxoo K