I had nervous butterflies this weekend as we made meals and headed out to Lakhtokia, I knew how much I had been missing these children and hoped that they would welcome my return. Deb and I were buying bananas when I saw Asbanu and Puja further down in the market. I saw them first and when they looked up the expression on their face said something like "Do I see who I think I see?!" Carefully they walked through the slippery mud to me, and hugged me with looks of disbelief in their eyes. I had promised them I would be back but I have a feeling that promises made are not often kept in their little corner of the world. After purchasing the bananas we walked arm in arm to the small temple where we have been distributing the meals. It was incredible. The kids lined up all of the serving vessels, organized the line and started handing it out (even asking for the marker when we forgot to give it to them.) The rest of us just stood and overlooked everything, played around and gave out lots and lots of hugs. I am almost certain that if allowed, these wonderful kiddos would gladly help make the food too! It was incredible, just incredible to remember the very first time Asbanu decided to help hand out the meals and then to see how they have completely taken responsibility in helping one another. 

Realizing how much things have grown gives me hope for the future and the dreams I have for this community. Hopefully lots of good news will be coming our way soon and I will gladly share it when it does. 

Reunited with the ever-sweet Asbanu

 Bare bum on the rail just kills me!

Going around all of the homes, gathering friends


  1. The children look SO happy to see you-especially that little girl of yours!! So amazing to see what a change you've brought to these childrens' lives, Kristin. I feel like I say this every time I comment but I'm always just so darn proud! :D