California - Assam

How quickly time passes! On Thursday I started the long journey back to my India home and safely arrived yesterday morning. I usually sleep really well on the long flight (which is typically anywhere from 14-16 hours) but for some reason this time I hardly slept at all. Instead, I fell asleep on a bench by my gate in Shanghai for two hours during my layover and nearly missed my plane. Seriously. A little Chinese woman woke me up as they made the final call for boarding, five minutes before closing the gate. Thank you little Chinese woman, thank you. I fell asleep again before we even took off and woke up six hours later when we were landing, by the time I reached Delhi, India I was feeling great! I am currently sitting in my bed, watching the rain fall and fall, hoping it clears up in a few hours so we can get out there and feed the kids!!

I figured that leaving the states would become easier each time, but it was so hard to say good bye to my family this time around. I got to spend quality time with each of them but it never feels like enough. 

Theatre and treats with my dad

Sending my little sister off to her senior prom
California Science Center with my nieces, nephews, sister and mom

A trip to the dog beach with Bruiser (and yes, he does go in the ocean!)

Tattoos with my sister

Best friend time at the botanical gardens in San Francisco

Celebrating my cousins graduation in Boulder, CO (by the way she is like a genius... she received her degree in Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology) 

And even squeezed in a trip to Disneyland with my nieces and nephews! 

All in all, I could not have asked for a better time in my U.S. home to prepare for more time in my India home. I am so lucky to have friendships that last the distance, endless love and support from my family and work worth making these sacrifices for. While at a cute tea shop in SF I fell upon this poem by Daniel Ladinsky:

have a cause
We need those don't we?
Otherwise the darkness and the cold gets in 
and everything starts to 

My soul has a purpose, it is
to love;

if I 
do not fulfill
my heart's vocation
I suffer

So here is to love, sacrifice and hard work in order to fulfill my heart's vocation!

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  1. I LOVE your tattoo you got with your sister, and that poem is perfect :)