Some smiles for your Monday

Here are a few things that I find grin inducing, and I hope they do for you too! 

A little boy with the sweetest shyness before/after surgery

 She couldn't help but take her new smile out for a test run! 

Monday morning blues... they just don't exist at the surgical center!

Meanwhile down at the tracks:
 Finding solutions for TB treatment and education!

Donated care packages (towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and metal plates!)

Little girls that feel remarkably better after receiving medical care (and a care package)

As a friend and I each held a child, the children held one another's hands

Have an amazing week my friends <3 Kristin


  1. Grin inducing indeed, these are lovely things that you are doing, hey. You're a rockstar :)

  2. So amazing. I want to come hang out with you forever. That little girl holding the bag is just adorable. But all these kids just melt my heart. You're amazing.

    1. You and your hubby should come out here and love on these kids... forever!!