A change of names... we need your input!

Friends, I need your opinion! We are starting the process of registering the project with the children of Lakhtokia as a non-profit organization with the goal of obtaining 501(c)3 status ! Before we can do this we have to rename the project as "Asha" is already very widely used in India. We need something more unique! This is just a one question survey with the name options. Your input would be greatly appreciated as you all have supported us for so long! Sorry this is so short but the food has just finished up cooking and it is time to head down to Lakhtokia!

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  1. I had originally thought you were going to be asking for suggestions - so I started looking up words from other cultures to give it a "world flavor". I love the word ASHA (I think you said it means "love") so I thought by pairing it with a word from another language you would have something unique - the Swahili word for village is "kijiji" Asha Kijiji. When I figured out you weren't actually looking for suggestions, I did go on Survey Monkey and make a choice. I went for Pratyasha because I like both the meaning and the way it sounds coming off the tongue.... love ya, kid!