Saturday morning after dosing out TB medicine and a protein shake to the mother in the slum, I partook in the usual walk with some of the children back to my bike. Most mornings I am accompanied by a few children holding onto either hand. Yesterday though I found myself with nearly one child grasping onto each finger and a trail of kiddos behind me. The little girl holding onto my pinkie exclaimed (in Hindi) to her friend "Her thumb, you can go hold onto her thumb! No one has it!" The friend scurried in front of the group, and triumphantly grabbed onto my right thumb. Off we went, teetering over the train tracks, through the muddy market and to my bike. Me and ten little ones, there's no better way to start the day!


  1. This is too cute!!
    I wanted to tell you that you've been a part of what has motivated me to go back to school (finally!). I've been a Hospital Unit Clerk for about 6 years and have wanted to do Nursing forever. Seeing the difference you make and the work you do has made me realize that I need to just do it..it WILL be worth it in the end!
    I start school full-time in Sept!
    I think you're amazing.

    1. Danielle, that is amazing! Congratulations on your decision to head back to school and become a nurse. All of the hard work you will put in over the next few years will absolutely be worth it! You are heading into a career in which you will have the incredible opportunity to help someone in need, whether in a hospital, clinic, mission site, slum or anywhere in the world you let it take you! Congrats and best of luck! Keep in touch and let me know how school is going!