Street cred

Once upon a time, what feels like ages ago, I took this picture on my Diana Mini camera:

On that trip (my first, two Februarys ago) I definitely avoided any form of street food but just loved the little carts and peeking inside to see all they had to offer. Now it seems like nothing is too questionable (read: did I learn nothing from getting dysentery?) and I can't pass this guy up when walking through fancy bazaar. My treat of choice is usually aalu chat which means potato snack! They cut up slices of potatoes and top it with: tomato, onion, peanuts, green onions, two varieties of crunchy things, three different spices and a few unidentifiable sauces. It is incredible. 

You eat it off of sliced up business flyers (the shiny, thick kind) and then pray your stomach doesn't make you pay for your indulgences later. If you're extra lucky you'll happen upon a traveling temple on your way home, reminding you of the  peace mantra: Oṃ śānti śānti śānti, in which you invoke peace between your body, speech and mind. 

Saturday afternoons are fun around the city, browsing fancy bazaar and spending a total of 70 rupees ($1.25) on snacks and bindis. I think I lost about one liter of fluid from the mass amount of sweating I did but I rarely take the time to wander around the shops so it was worthwhile. Saturday evening a few of us went out for traditional North East food then I topped off the night with some roof top hang outs and M&M consumption! What a nice day it was! 

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  1. Sounds like a great day - and it certainly seems that you have been able to assimilate into the food/shopping culture there quite nicely. I hope your stomach has also assimilated!