These times we're in

I am wishing I had a longer moment in which I could share all of the happenings in this corner of the world but day to day life has been overwhelming (sometimes in the bad way but mostly in the best way) to the point of not even knowing exactly what to write down. I feel like the last month has been a cloud that I am just breaching, only to find myself in another cloud of busyness! I have people I wish to introduce and thoughts weighing heavily in my head but those will have to wait for another day, for the time they deserve. 

When I last wrote I spoke about a little girl who was abandoned and I wanted you to know that she is in an amazing little children's home and will be a candidate for adoption if her biological parents do not claim her within one more month. I have visited her and plan to visit her again as soon as possible as I am away on a mission right now. She was looking better health wise but is extremely traumatized to the point of being mute, I hope on my next visit this will be improved. She needs lots of love, thoughts and prayers if you don't mind taking the time to send them to the little girl whom we gave the name Tunni. 

I thought maybe you might miss seeing some pictures of the kids so thanks to Hannah here are some from last week! We had quite an awesome meal despite the homes having been knocked and burnt down just two days before this. It was a reunion of old and new friends and the excitement in the middle of the ransacked neighborhood was tangible. It was the definition of India:

Immeasurable determination to survive

Perfectly organized chaos

 Beauty in the midst of heartache

Thank for sticking out the quiet times because that means things are going full speed here. I will be back soon, and until then.... find peace in knowing that often heartache and beauty are delicately intertwined. We just have to find our way to use one to ease the other.  

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  1. Oh no, why were their houses burnt down? Was that some sort of misguided government plan? I know a house is just a building filled with stuff, and that's not what's really important...but for people who have so little to have it taken away from them, well, that's just not fair at all. I can't think of a more eloquent way to put it.

    Anyway, I'm glad you're busy and that it's mostly in a good way. And, as always, I'm glad you're there for these people. It really sounds like they need you x