99 Smiles in Silchar

We had an incredible mission in Silchar, Assam, India last week. I started by heading out there early to teach a CPR class and the mission was pretty non-stop from there on out. Silchar is a much smaller town compared to Guwahati and even though the surgical center I work at receives patients from this area, there were still tons of patients there! We screened something like 190 kids and adults and were able to perform 99 surgeries in 5 1/2 days! It was an international mission and I met so many amazing people, whom I hope to keep in contact with for a long time to come. It is so inspiring to me to be surrounded by volunteers who come from every corner of the world, give up their vacation time, personal time and work in crazy weather/conditions for these 99 kids. The heat index was 127-148... yes that's right, 148. There was a point on the first day of surgery that I was certain we would have to stop. I had never experienced heat & humidity to that degree!! The solution was more fans and praying for rain! Both came and the rest of the week was better from there.

This girl was one of the last five patients, she couldn't stop smiling!

 This man guarded the entrance to the OR area, he held a rather threatening stick. I'm thankful I didn't get whacked with it! 

 Our best attempts at making a 'serious' face

 The sweetest little lady! 

All photos compliments of Gary Wing Lee

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