Hours I spent pouring over the shoe shops in Fancy Bazar after measuring every available child's foot in Lakhtokia. Carefully measuring each shoe to match each girl or boy, I loaded up 50 pairs onto my scooter, went home and with help carefully organized each size into different bags. With excitement in our eyes, Sunday rolled around with it came shoe distribution day! The children ran up to me with their dirtied, tiny slips of paper they were given after being measured. Excitedly they pulled their papers out of their pockets, their homes and underwear. Somehow in the madness, they had held onto their number slips for two weeks. I couldn't believe it! Huge hugs and squeals all around, the shoes had arrived!

Imagine their heartbreak when the shoes didn't fit... anyone! I handed out the first pair and the look of joy on her face was quickly replaced by sadness when she tried to put on the shoe and it was too small. I nearly started crying, I had not bought the shoes correctly and soon everything started to get out of control. After realizing that, we decided to collect back all of the shoes and re-group for next week. I went home with a heavy heart. Learning all of this as we go is so hard sometimes. The last thing we wanted was to make such a happy day, a sad one. I felt disappointed in myself but more determined than ever to make it work the following Sunday. I re-measured all the shoes, bought 45 more pairs of sandals, re-organized and mentally prepared to hand them out again. We arrived and succesfully passed out around 70 pairs of sandals! The kids were calm enough this time around that my friends and I could individually ensure that the pair given fit well and the kids walked away ecstatic!

So here is to goals being met just a few days before Thanksgiving. I am so thankful for continuing to be able to be a part of the lives of these children. Even more so, I am grateful for the support they receive when we take on projects like this. Every child we work with received a pair of shoes, a huge gift in their lives. Thank you so much for helping us to make this happen. In this season of giving, you are helping us to give to those who never ask and would never otherwise receive. Thank you, on behalf of the children of Lakhtokia.

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  1. Oh man!!! What a pain, that sucks so much. Thanks for not giving up, you made them all so happy!!