73 Smiles in Chabua, India

Last month I attended a local mission to Chabua, Assam, India. I have to admit, I was really nervous and not sure what to expect from the mission as I had some added responsibility and the mission was in a very rural part of Assam (the state I live in.) It was a lonnnng mission, we were there for two weeks and it was held in an actual tea garden where there is a hospital. I really came without high expectations and honestly anticpated it to be a long, difficult two weeks. As soon as we arrived, I knew that I was wrong! It is definitely my favorite mission I have ever attended. First, the tea garden was gorgeous. I had to be at the hospital very early every day so I chose to walk from our accommodation to the hospital through the tea fields. The sun would just be rising and it was simply beautiful, what a perfect way to start each day. Our team was the best team I could have asked for. Most of us were from the surgical center but the team included local hospital staff and a few people from other parts of India. We basically functioned like a big family and it made a long two weeks fly by. The hospital was the cleanest I have ever been in in India and the local nurses were top notch. The patients were, of course, the cutest (that really goes without being said.) The accommodation was in the doctor's quarters. Many of us were placed in the homes of various doctors so this tea estate hospital literally had such hospitality. All in all, we performed 73 safe and successful surgeries and I am not sure that any mission experience could ever top Chabua!

 Getting on the night train. With the creepy baby. 

 Morning walks through the tea garden

 Ten minutes after this walk, a leopard was sighted along the path!

 Make shift tea cups
 Play time before surgery!

 I call this a Priority 6 Procedure, sleep restoration therapy. 

Future doctor!

 On our team day we went to a bird sanctuary and went on a boat ride!
 The many faces. 

 Exhaustion set in and I fell asleep like this at one point :/

Chabua, I miss you! (Photo by Bhabesh Doley)


  1. You are doing such marvelous work! Love that you fell asleep in that pose!

  2. you're amazing! I wish I had the guts to go out and do what you do! lol at the creepy baby!