Peace in the Path

Two mornings ago I was driving in the crazy traffic to the slum to get the girls for school and to meet one of the mothers for a doctors appointment. Horns were blaring, busses were cutting me off, goats were standing obstinately in the road and the guy on the motorcycle next to me was trying to talk to me about my tattoos as we were driving. I have to admit, I have found myself asking for peace within myself a lot lately. Sometimes, like two mornings ago, I wonder how I thought I would ever find peace amongst the chaos. But two mornings ago was different. I was running over the miles long list of things that needed to be done for Pratyasha Foundation and Operation Smile. I was trying to ignore the hives that were overwhelming my body. Oh and, yes, I was dealing with the aforementioned driving obstacles when out of nowhere I was hit with a complete sense of peace. I don't actually think I have ever felt so calm and so assured that everything is going to be okay. I needed that feeling, I needed that re-charging of my self-confidence. All of a sudden that list of things to do, to think about, no longer seemed like it was miles long and required a marathon type endurance to complete. All of a sudden, it felt like walking along the bank of the river at sunset. A peace along the path, a sure and steady pace.

Photos by Richard Ek

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  1. Please never stop sharing your journey... You are the most inspiring person I ever met.