The Long Way to School

The Long Way To School from Creative Media Production on Vimeo.

It is incredible how sometimes people just come into your life at the right times. Lately it seems that over here in Guwahati I've been meeting a lot of really amazing people. They all offer knowledge, support and talents in one way or another. April and May were especially filled with people like this. One of them is a man named Michel from who came to visit the center with Operation Smile Sweden. He is a videographer and while he was here doing a video for Operation Smile, he offered to make a video for us as well. In the video you see Olivia, a young woman from Sweden who lived here from September up until lasa few weeks ago. She describes taking Kasitan to school, and how hard it was in the start. As you know by now, what started with Kasitan is growing! She goes to day school and afternoon school (featured in the video) and four other kids go with her!  I hope you all enjoy it... it makes me cry of course hearing Kasitan talk abut her dreams   

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  1. This video is beautiful! So amazing to see people trying to create a better world.